Clearwater Is Cautiously Optimistic Regarding News of Proposed Indian Point Shutdown

JANUARY 6, 2017
Clearwater Is Cautiously Optimistic Regarding News of Proposed Indian Point Shutdown
BEACON, NY – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, America’s Environmental Flagship who has long fought for the closure of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Buchanan, NY received news this afternoon that the power plant would be closed in 2021, as the result of an agreement being negotiated by New York State with the plant’s owners, Entergy.  Reactor Unit 2 of the plant is due to close in April 2020, and Unit 3, which would close down the plant for good, is due to close in April 2021.  Unit One, which did not meet earthquake standards, closed in 1974.
Citing dangers to public health and safety and ecological damage to the Hudson River, Clearwater has long advocated for the closure of Indian Point.
“This is definitely a step in the right direction, but it still leaves us in danger for three to four more years. Indian Point has had an abysmal history of emergency shutdown, radioactive leaks, equipment failures, transformer explosions, degraded bolts inside the reactor core, and other problems.  Without a viable evacuation plan, if something should go wrong between now and then,” said Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Action Director for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, “the 20 million people that live or work within 50 miles of the plant and beyond remain in danger.”
“The intense water withdrawals used to cool the plant will continue to harm Hudson River fish and other aquatic species. This means four more years of massive fish kill, including billions of eggs and larvae through April 2021,” said Dave Conover, Clearwater’s Interim Executive Director.
“The good news is that they have agreed to move old (but still highly radioactive) fuel rods from the severely overcrowded fuel pools, to safer dry-cask storage, to make long-overdue repairs, and to allow more inspections and better oversight” said Greene.
To execute the shutdown, a transition plan must protect workers; retaining those who have institutional memory to ensure safe decommissioning.  Recently a phase out plan was negotiated for Diablo Canyon, the last operating nuclear plant in California, which is scheduled to close in 6 years.  Their transition plan includes replacing the aging nuclear facility with 100% renewable energy, while retaining the most valuable workers, and retraining those who are not as needed after closure for jobs in the renewable energy industry.  Clearwater believes that the New York plan for a “just” transition should include New York’s entire nuclear fleet of six reactors, and be based on realistic but accelerated implementation of on- and off-shore wind, community and large-scale solar, more large and low-impact hydroelectric facilities, with robust storage systems to ensure reliability.
Even without a plan for renewable replacement energy in place, both the NY State Independent System Operators and the NYS Department of State have determined that there is currently sufficient energy on the grid to do without Indian Point due to energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption and the rapid increase in renewable resources.

Clearwater is also calling for a comprehensive plan to ensure safe decommissioning that is funded by Entergy, and doesn’t end up becoming a burden to ratepayers or taxpayers.

With regard to the Article 78 lawsuit recently filed by Clearwater, Goshen Green Farms and others challenging the NYS Public Service Commission’s 12-year mandatory Tier 3 Nuclear Subsidy, Greene said, “The $7.6 billion dollar subsidy was designed mainly to bail out unprofitable nuclear plants in the western part of the state – and remains an unacceptable use of ratepayer dollars, which would be better invested in renewable energy infrastructure, storage and energy efficiency.”
An amended petition is due to be filed next week.
Media Contact: Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Action Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (845) 807-1270.
About Hudson River Sloop Clearwater 
Launched in 1969 by legendary folk singer and activist Pete Seeger, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater has been at the forefront of the environmental movement as champions of the Hudson River. To date, more than half a million people have experienced their first real look at an estuary’s ecosystem aboard the sloop Clearwater.  Clearwater has become the grassroots model for producing positive changes to protect our planet. For more information, visit

Clearwater Communications
Kelley Howard ext. 7107
Erin Macchiaroli ext. 7101

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
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From Water Protector Legal Collective and Water Protector Anti-Repression Crew

An inspiring show of solidarity today outside the court in Bismarck, where Steve Martinez made clear his intention to refuse to cooperate with a federal grand jury that is investigating Water Protectors. Steve made a statement to supporters outside before heading in:

My name is Steve Martinez. I have been subpoenaed to this federal grand jury. I refuse to cooperate with these proceedings on the grounds of not helping opposition towards water protectors. I will in no way condone or cooperate with this attempt to repress the movement here at Standing Rock. I know that by refusing to cooperate I will most likely be incarcerated. The loss of my own freedom is a small price to pay for keeping my dignity and standing up for what is right- the defense of the earth and all that is sacred. Mni Wiconi!

Steve Martinez [then[ emerged from the federal courthouse in Bismarck, ND after being issued a federal grand jury subpoena. The judge denied the motion to quash the subpoena. His next court date is February 1st.

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MY VIEW: ‘Greenwashing’ the Wallkill River


In two recent THR articles, Riverkeeper’s multimillion-dollar PR machine suggested the presence of “potential” Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB’s), a sensational claim echoed by the ad hoc Wallkill River Watershed Alliance, without disclosing that WRWA is actually a sub-group of Riverkeeper.

At a WRWA public session last winter, the group presented slides of “potential” HAB’s in the Wallkill. I inquired as to what species of algae was found, and how it was confirmed. Their answer “we’re not sure” didn’t work for me. I asked where the specimens were kept for testing. I was told that no specimens were actually collected.

I asked why the algae were suggested to be harmful at all, pointing out how the pictured algae appeared much like any of the thousands of species of benign algae which occur in North America. I was cut short by Executive Director Jason West, who writes his own salary grants.

We’re now reading headlines about “potential” HAB’s, which neglect to mention “blooms” in the Wallkill River have not been definitively ID’d in terms of actual species. This is both remarkable and scientifically reckless.

The WRWA has made it clear, since their formation, that HAB’s are their vector of interest: They’ve been trying desperately to see something which may or may not be present – and then, inexplicably, they stop short of specific identification…; but they issue press releases anyway.

To a serious ecologist, this is troubling.

There are over 900 genera of freshwater algae described in North America, with thousands of individual species. The phylum cyanobacteria, under which a few of the HAB genera and species fall (along with innumerable other benign species) is poorly understood, at best, with fewer than half its possible species even described.

More than 99.99 percent of the thousands of species of algae in North America are harmless, and actually serve important functions toward healthier ecosystems. The hyperbole surrounding HAB’s in our region should be taken for what it is – the ecological equivalent of opening a box of baking soda, observing a white substance within, and calling it “potential” anthrax. It could be anthrax, but such an ID would be sensational, create panic, make great publicity and lead to great funding.

This form of “greenwashing” (a term I coined 30 years ago) relies on “biophobia” (fear of nature) to foment public panic, as opposed to working against truly dangerous anthropogenic threats such as pesticides and habitat destruction. The fight against man-made threats carries the risks of litigation and powerful enemies.

Riverkeeper understands profit and risk: More than half of the $5 million annual contributions it received in 2014 went to staff pay.

Riverkeeper’s staff scientist, Bill Wegner, was hired in 1999 after serving a federal sentence for smuggling endangered bird eggs. His hiring prompted an exodus of many of Riverkeeper’s original visionaries, including Riverkeeper’s president Robert Boyle, dramatically changing Riverkeeper’s ethical composition.

Riverkeeper’s treasurer resigned, stating that hiring Wegner was “…particularly inappropriate because his crime was an environmental one.”

Having worked with Wegner in the 1980s, I personally understood the severity and self-serving greed of his crimes against nature.

Riverkeeper isn’t alone: In 2010, I discovered the DEC water-quality policy-maker who consistently recommended one herbicide worked for an NGO whose largest funder was the manufacturer of that pesticide.

While HAB’s do exist, their potency and occurrence are frequently exaggerated: Panic, after all, is the friend of Profit.

Jay Westerveld is a field ecologist and founder of the New York Natural History Council.

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Our local Earth First! group will be hosting the 2017 Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous this February 7th -14th. Get ready for awesome workshops, winter hikes, music, campfires and lots of fun! 🙂

Support the Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous!

We are raising money to host 75+ people for a weeklong  gathering of Earth Firsters, eco-defenders, and earth loving rebels. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains within the Hudson River Watershed, we have reserved heated cabins to engage in important movement discussions and provide a space to plug into existing campaigns/projects in our bioregion.

We need to raise $5000 by January 1st to cover the 50% deposit for the cost of the cabins, indoor meeting space and on-site hotel rooms. Thanks for your help!


We are a group of eco-warriors drawn together by common principles and a great love for the natural communities of the Hudson River Valley in New York.

Earth First! is not an organization, but a movement. The only offices we occupy are those we storm during actions. Our version of green technology is the equipment we devise to blockade roads and lock ourselves to machinery. We carry grassroots organizing, home demonstrations, climbing gear, and bike locks in our tool bag. Our actions attempt to deliver an appropriate response to the violence against the living world.

The principles that unite all Earth First! groups are direct action, biocentrism (respect for all life), and a “no compromise” stance.

Pipelines, power plants, bomb trains and a whole slew of other development projects are either currently under construction or in the proposal and permitting phases. Despite a de facto ban on fracking in NY, oil and gas infrastructure continue to invade our communities. Projects currently under construction include:

– CPV fracked gas power plant, being fought by several community groups and HVEF! Also tied up in a bribery scandal with the state; officials of CPV and the government recently indicted.

– Spectra’s “Algonquin” Pipeline, being fought by activists and Ramapough Lenape people, attempting to go under the Hudson River, through sacred sites and near Indian Point nuclear plant.

Projects still awaiting approval or permits:

– Pilgrim Pipeline: 2 oil/diesel pipes recently approved but no permits granted. Over 20 towns and cities along route have passed resolutions against this project.

– Oil barges on the river: coast guard considering 26 crude oil “parking spots” for tankers to supplement bomb train capacity. Many opposed, concerned with reversing clean-up of river.

HVEF! events are organized to raise money and awareness to aid in the resistance against these environmental abominations.

Always For The Wild,

Hudson Valley Earth First!


Lego Land Earth First! is born

Last Thursday, Lego Land Earth First! attempted to enter a town board meeting and were met with fierce repression from cops, jerks and… narrow doorways.

In addition to this video, LLEF! has released a communique to us through our complicated network of strings and cans:

“We are Lego Land Earth First! We are the ‘piece of resistance’ to stop Merlin Entertanment’s plans. Those blockheads thought we would let them destroy over 500 acres of wild without speaking up. We are here to snap in the building blocks of dissent. We may be a small group, but we advise Merlin and the town board of Goshen not to step on us.

No compromise in defense of free play
Death to Kragle and Lord Business”


Merlin entertainmen has plans for a 170 acre amusement park on 523 acres of forested wetland and water source to nearby communities. Legoland has indicated that the Park will attract between 1.8 and 2.2 million visitors each year. The noise and air pollution and tremendous traffic congestion, use of limited water and tapping into Goshen Sewer system threatenlocal ecosystems. The project includes an amusement park, waterpark, hotel and guest campground, further industrializing Orange County and the Hudson River Valley Bioregion.

Updates and other media:



Originally published to It’s Going Down

On or around December 3rd, 2016 a water protector at Oceti Sakowin received a summons to appear before a federal grand jury that has been convened in relation to the resistance of water protectors. What we know about grand juries is that they have a long history of being used to target those in resistance to the state and engaged in political or revolutionary movements. The purpose of this grand jury and all grand juries that target revolutionary people and communities is to cause division, manufacture prisoners of war, create paranoia and suspicion amongst comrades. We will not be intimidated and resistance to this is only strengthening our resolve to kill this black snake and all the others.

Water protectors stand in resistance to this grand jury and all tools of state repression, be it on the ground through Morton County’s violent tactics or in the shrouded secrecy of a grand jury courtroom.


Indigenous people, water protectors, legal workers, revolutionaries and comrades from across the camps are actively organizing resistance to this grand jury. Camp wide education efforts are already underway as well as reaching out through our networks of solidarity that know no borders in order to spread the word.

If you have been contacted by federal law enforcement or have been served with a subpoena related to water protector activities or the resistance at Standing Rock please contact the Water Protector Legal Collective at (605) 519-8180. Grand juries rely on the isolation and fear that can come with a subpoena. The first step of resistance is seeking solidarity and support!







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Red Warrior Camp Communique

From Red Warrior Camp

Red Warrior Camp has left the Lands and Waters of Oceti Sakowin.

Grassroots leaders LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, and Chase Iron Eyes from Standing Rock have also spoken and have made it abundantly clear that they want those equipped for the harsh North Dakota winter to stay and help stop DAPL, due to our current circumstance it is with great regret that we as Red Warrior cannot accept this heartfelt invitation. That is not to say we do not support this effort in fact is quite the opposite, we send our Warrior Salute and War Cry to the universe and the ancestors that their needs are met and they receive the love and support they need in the fight for clean water.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Chairman Dave Archambault has made it abundantly clear that a diversity of tactics in the battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline is not respected nor wanted. We have this to say: without the courage and the actions of those who actually put their minds, bodies, and spirits in harms way the pipeline would be built. Without the Warriors who locked down and took measures to put a stop to the work on DAPL, the black blood would already be flowing under the Missouri river. The encampment itself would not even be here right now. The hard work of the Warriors has cost ETP millions, we have struck the Black Snake a deadly blow.

The peace policing that was led by people who were for the most part self appointed used ceremony and spirituality as a weapon against us, they too have made it abundantly clear by their actions and their constant slinging of arrows that they are not ready to embrace a world view that upholds decolonization and revolution.

After months of active duty as Warriors fighting for Sacred Water and protecting Sacred Ground, and due to the current political climate here at Standing Rock, Red Warrior Camp is evolving. We are taking time to recoup, and expand on who we are as a Society. We have worked very hard here for many months and must be mindful of ourselves and our families and also to self care. We must also be true to who we are and as Indigenous Land Defenders, we are committed fully to our roles as Warriors and have worked too hard to allow any kind of outside threat to compromise our duties and movement.

Red Warrior Society is now dedicating ourselves to building a culture and community of Resistance on every level. We were called here by the People to help fight a battle that is far from our home territories for many of us, we have sacrificed much in the efforts for Mni Wiconi. Facing felony charges, lasting bodily harm and the long lasting effects of battle fatigue we have laid it all on the line for the water. Our time here has come to an end, we have done all we can in this fight and we are honored to have stood beside not only the Tribe but to each and every one of you from all nations all over the planet who came here with the fire of resistance in your bellies and fought hard and long beside us.

We offer up our sincerest thanks to all who have bettered us as a Camp, we are grateful to those who have made our lives here easier and who have sheltered us and fed us. To all those who came forward and offered their help in the form of finances and the sweat from their bodies. We salute you, your help, love, and offerings have given us the heart to be here for so many months, and it has held us up when we were weary from battle and felt discouraged. Without this we would not be in a place to carry on our battle to other frontlines and we would not be as strong as we are. There are no words in this colonized language to express the deep feelings we carry with us, for this movement that has arisen from this historic time, water is life.

One of the lessons we have learned that has inspired us is the very real need for a mobile resistance movement that is ready and willing to dismantle the capitalist regime that is destroying our planet. The mobilization of resistance is key to shattering the oppressive illegal military occupation of the so called ‘Amerikkkas’, for too long we have lived with broken treaties, genocide, racism and colonization. In order to best honor our ancestors and the future generations we are living our principles by forming a Warrior Society rooted in combatting the indoctrination of our minds, bodies, and spirits. We do not need Standing Rock to exist, but we did however require it to put us all in the same place at the same time. We realize now that all we need is each other, our Red Warrior family has undertaken the responsibility and role to uphold not only Mother Earth but Indigenous Rights. It is with this duty in mind we must rise up and move on.

We are unapologetically Indigenous, we embody resistance, everything we do from eating rubber bullets for breakfast to holding our frontline has been done in a manner that is nothing but spiritual. We have great respect and love for prayer and ceremony and understand its place in a time of battle, many of our People are spiritual leaders in their own right and in their own territories. We are the answered prayers of our Ancestors embodied in the flesh, we are given a sacred duty to ensure the continuity of our Peoples way of life on this planet, and to protect the future for those spirits yet to come. This is a call to action to which no man or women can or should deny in these precarious times.

The time has come for us as Red Warrior take a leap of faith in our Ancestors and carve a space for ourselves to exist as free from colonialism as we can. We recognize and acknowledge our role, we have been brought together by the struggle for clean water here at Oceti Sakowin and we are moving on as a group.

Our time together here has been a journey and a teaching experience for us all, it has honed our vision and our mission as a whole and we are looking seven generations forward. Focused on action to defend our Mother we are moving forward to ensure we are where we are needed and can be effective. Our people and our battles are all over Turtle Island, we have worked hard together to create a Warrior Society that is upholding not only Mother Earth but also each other. We are Mother Earths Army.

We cannot stay and fight a battle for land and water that is heavily invested in neo-colonialism. We are so grateful to the grassroots people who have supported us while we have been here. It is not easy to say goodbye, we are deeply tied to this struggle and are not abandoning our post. This fight is not over yet, the pipeline is still being built, Energy Transfer Partners will push this pipe through unless there is a diversity of tactics that include direct action and no court ruling or legal manoeuvring will prevent that from happening alone; and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is heavily engaged in praying away a pipeline without action, this is in direct opposition to who we are as Warriors.

We are in a war to fight the greedy corporate fatcats who are exploiting out our Mother for blood money and we say no more. Enough is enough, for over 500 years we have been brutalized and robbed, we are not victims looking for surcease we are Warriors fighting for our lives and the future. We cannot afford to allow our own corrupt leaders aid and abet this process, too many of our people are working for industry, too many of our people are selling out, we must remember the warrior blood that runs through our veins. We do a great disservice to ourselves and the People when we allow the values of white supremacist society to overshadow the knowledge of what it means to be a true human being.

Mother Earth is hurtin and she’s calling for backup.
Warriors rise up. FIGHT BACK!

In The Spirit Of Resistance,

Red Warrior Society


re-posted via It’s Going Down