Water is Life! From Standing rock to to Ramapough – November 30th fundraiser

Over the past several months, a historic alliance of Indigenous Nations and water protectors has taken root at Standing Rock. The Sioux Nation and their allies have inspired the world with a courageous and prayerful resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, protecting land and water, their ancestry and culture, and their basic right to exist. These issues are all connected and central to the popular movement for clean water and a safe climate future.

On November 30th, The Center for Sustainability at Ramapo College, The Ramapough Lenape Nation, and Food & Water Watch invite you to “Water is Life! From Standing Rock to Ramapough”, a night of culture, education and solidarity for indigenous rights and water protection.

Traditional Native American Music by Spirit of The Mountain Singers

A panel discussion with:
-Chief Dwayne Perry of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation
-Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director Food & Water Watch
-Betty Lyons, Onondaga Nation, President and Executive Director of the American Indian Law Alliance

And a special message from the front line water protectors at Standing Rock.

November 30th, The Sharp Theatre at Ramapo College
Doors Open at 630pm — Program from 7-9pm
Advanced tickets will be available online shortly
All proceeds to support the water protectors at Standing Rock and The Ramapough Lunaape Nation

Campaigns to protect water from fracking, oil and gas pipelines, and to hasten the transition to clean, renewable energy are being led in communities throughout the world. Here in New York and New Jersey, we are organizing to stop similarly destructive pipelines like Spectra AIM and Pilgrim, which would desecrate sacred sites and land in the Ramapough Mountains, and threaten the health, safety and drinking water for Millions. These unnecessary proposals are all connected and must be stopped if we are to protect our homes and our right to a safe and livable climate future.

Let’s come together to support front line water protectors at Standing Rock, and the continued growth of the historic water is life movement!

Crust of the Earth Vol. 3 – Benefit Show

Oh fuck we’re back with another show at The Shot Tower. We raising money for some radical eco defense, and we got some great bands. Come thruu cause we got:

Hiver(anarcho communist harsh noise)
Nerve Gas Attack(1st show in years)
Armedalite Rifles(shoe punk, or whatever they’re really good)
Technomaya(members of selfbeater, praxis and psych war)

respect the space, have a dope time, talk to us about direct action and other rad things.


SUBMISSIONS: if you’d like to be included in vol 3 of the zine, send your submission to HudsonValleyEarthFirst@RiseUp.net.
We are particularly interested in things relevant to the Hudson Valley, including activism, nature stuff, vegan recipes, LGBTQ+ and feminist things, or just what your favorite animal is.


West Roxbury Pipeline Activist Faces Amputation After Police Injure Over 300 Peaceful Water Protectors At Standing Rock

from Indigenous Environmental Network

Boston, MA — Among the Spectra pipeline resisters scheduled to appear in West Roxbury District Court today is 22 year old Sophia Wilansky.  Sophia is one of the Mass Grave 6 defendants, along with Karenna Gore, daughter of former vice-president Al Gore, climate activist Tim DeChristopher, Norah Collins, Dave Publow, and Callista Womick.  Instead of appearing in the West Roxbury District Court, Sophia is in Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she was airlifted after being critically injured by a concussion grenade at Standing Rock, ND. She faces a second surgery today as doctors attempt to save her left arm.

Sophia is among the thousands of supporterswho have been standing with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to protect their water from the Dakota Access pipeline.  On Sunday night, police and national guard attacked the peaceful water protectors with rubber bullets, pepper spray, water cannons and concussion grenades.  Sofia was hit with a concussion grenade fired by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

This was the latest assault in an escalated campaign of violence and intimidation by the police against those who have been asserting indigenous and human rights.  Approximately 300 injuries were identified, triaged, assessed and treated by tribal physicians, nurses, paramedics and integrative healers working in collaboration with local emergency response. These 300 injuries were the direct result of excessive force by police over the course of 10 hours. In addition to Sophia’s injury, at least 26 seriously injured people had to be evacuated by ambulance to 3 area hospitals.


Today West Roxbury pipeline resisters, including Sophia’s co-defendants – Karenna Gore, Tim DeChristopher and others – clergy, and other supporters will gather in prayer, song, and solidarity on the courthouse steps at 8:45am before Sophia’s scheduled healing and again after the hearing (end time dependent on proceedings).

Additional Context from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council.

Photos of Sophia: headshot, with West Roxbury pipeline co-defendants on June 29, 2016 (photo credit, Marla Marcum). Sophia appears third from left in this photo.

In a historic moment of nonviolent resistance, thousands of people calling themselves protectors, not protestors, have gathered in North Dakota, to demand President Obama reject this dirty and dangerous proposal. If constructed, the Dakota Access pipeline would carry fracked oil from North Dakota to Illinois, cutting under the Missouri River less than a mile upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux’s drinking water supply as well as through the Tribe’s sacred and historical land. This pipeline is a threat to Native heritage, their homes, and will be a climate disaster.

Anti-colonial and Anti-fascist Action: “Make it Impossible for This System to Govern on Stolen Land”

from Indigenous Action

For those of you surprised at the results of this tumultuous spectacle, welcome to the “America” that we have always known. This is the blinding “greatness of America” that today is invigorated by the islamaphobic anti-immigrant nationalist right.

That an elitist fascist misogynist demagogue can be designated as ruler of a political, economic, and social system built on capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, slavery, and genocide is no surprise. It’s not at all exceptional. It’s what this country has always represented. After all, this is stolen land built with stolen lives.

That slim buffer reaped as a reward of being white or the one gained from being a few notches up in the social/economic hierarchy is a veil that provides the subtle degree of separation that enabled folks to scroll—or ride their fixed gears—passed the protracted suffering we faced during the previous neoliberal (2) regime.

The past 8 years has not been a reprieve for migrants. The Obama administration is responsible for deporting more people than any other US regime in history. Between 2009 and 2015 Obama forcibly deported more than 2.5 million people which amounts to more than the sum of all the presidents of the 20th century. Tohono O’odham communities have been heavily militarized and bisected by the US/Mexico colonial border. Whole villages have been displaced and sacred sites have been desecrated. This will be compounded by the “border wall” threatened by Trump. It has not been 8 years of reprieve for those who have been bombed and attacked by drones which, in Afghanistan, has meant the murder of innocent lives 90% of the time.

Let’s calculate mass incarceration and black and brown lives murdered with impunity by police. 8 years did not change racialized state violence, it enraged it with obscene proclamations of a “post-racial” society in the face of the fact that Black folks are shot by police at a rate 2.5 times higher than White folks.

Further add that Indigenous Peoples are “the racial group most likely to be killed by law enforcement” in the US and compound that with the additionally disproportionate rate Indigenous women are sexually assaulted and murdered and the picture becomes more clear of how systemic these issues are.

Though the previous regime recognized the threat of global warming, curbing carbon emissions by cutting coal while declaring open season for fracking and enabling the nuclear industry to further it’s toxic attacks on our future was no meaningful act of “sustainability.” The US empire’s goal is to sustain political and economic dominance, this aim has always been fueled by it’s ecocidal war against Mother Earth aka resource colonialism. Even the non-profit industry’s dead-end agenda would have us transitioning from white to a greenwashing of capitalism. But in this war against Mother Earth, can we risk recycling ineffective tactics with hope that symbolic actions will change the minds of our oppressors? Especially when Trump has declared climate change a “hoax”?

But this is two sides of the same coin. Trump’s fascist, islamaphobic, anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-indigenous, and misogynist actions and attitudes represent a system, not just one person or party.

There’s a discourse regarding a lesser evil and a diatribe about hope somewhere in there, but these themes have been beaten into our flesh so that our skin has lost it’s ability to scar. It’s as if our bodies are the land desecrated with each cycling of our abuser. In the case of electoral politics the cycle isn’t challenged and neither is the abuse. Only the degree of which the veil covers the wounds is of concern. The matter is not seeing the abuse, it’s seeing the effect which moves the zone of comfort to nearly unsettling. This process is highly objectifying, and many of us play into that role, as concerning that being objectified is, the alternative is to be rendered invisible, unknown, and non-existent. But resistance struggles become emaciated when only fed on a diet of recognition. This is something the ongoing global struggle against fascism knows very well.

“We must make it impossible for Trump to govern the country, and must put power in the hands of the people in the streets.” – Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Recent movements like Black Lives Matter (particularly uprisings like those in Baltimore and Milwaukee) and sacred lands and water struggles like NoDAPL resistance (Red Warrior Camp), have struck at some of the nerves of US colonial domination and exploitation.

From fighting for our lives in the streets against police terrorism, to LGBTQI2-S folks bashing back against fascist attacks, to defending sacred lands and water from corporate infrastructure developments facilitated by state violence and resource colonialism, these moments and movements are the result of ongoing resistance that has been waged for hundreds of years on these lands.

We stopped talking about hope when we had to focus on survival.

As reformists were more interested in prolonging the agony, we started bracing ourselves with the understanding that the suffering is going to get worse. This was not to resign our power, but as an assertion of our ability to heal on our terms. We started preparing our spirits, minds, and bodies with this understanding. We reconnected to the understanding that we never had a choice but to fight. That colonization has always been war.

That we are survivors of it’s brutality. That we’ve never stopped fighting.

We understand the difference between power over and power with. That there’s more power to the power of people than choosing which system will rule them. That no politician can ever represent Indigenous lifeways within the context of a political system established by colonialism. That representational/electoral politics are oppositional to liberation from colonial oppression. That the struggles of our ancestors, who defended Mother Earth and her beings with prayers and weapons in hand, is the same struggle that we carry forward today.

Trump doubled down on settler colonial fragility during this spectacle and won. But that very fragility simultaneously demonstrates how desperate and fearful those who have historically benefited most from this system truly are.

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin stated, “We must make it impossible for Trump to govern the country, and must put power in the hands of the people in the streets.”

Embrace your role in these struggles and organize. We are ungovernable and we must make it impossible for this system to govern on stolen, occupied land

The Way of the Heron in Action w/Evan Pritchard – Sunday Oct. 9th – 7pm


Evan Pritchard will discuss Algonquin non-violence traditions, and what’s going on at Standing Rock, North Dakota, and at Indian Point in Westchester, NY, plus a discussion of the proposed oil barge “anchorages” on the Hudson. Participants are encouraged to share what they have experienced and what they know; Evan will discuss “The Way of the Heron” conflict resolution techniques, and peaceful ways of resolving conflicts used by Native Americans for centuries. These techniques can be used by individuals or communities and include civil disobedience techniques which the Penobscot taught Henry David Thoreau. Let your voice be heard without fear.

Sponsored by Boughton Place, Center for Algonquin Culture and Neetopk-Keetopk.

  • Sun Oct 09 2016 at 07:00 pm
  •  Boughton Place, 150 Kisor Rd, Highland, United States

Contact Joy Ann Savino, (845)594-6382 (Boughton Place)mhsierraprograms@yahoo.com; Sally Bermanzohn (NeetopkKeetopk) sallybeethankful @gmail.com and Evan Pritchard (Center for Algonquin Culture) (845)377-1110.Evan.pritchard7@gmail.com.

Arson Investigation Underway on Three Bakken Pipeline Sites


from Newton Daily News
Equipment fires at three construction sites in Jasper and Mahaska counties, Iowa, on the Dakota Access Pipeline construction route over the weekend are being treated as acts of arson by local law enforcement.

 The Newton Fire Department and Jasper County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the fire at approximately 6 a.m. Monday in a farm field on South 12th Avenue West, about 4.5 miles west of Newton. A local resident called 911 to report the blaze.

According to Jasper County Sheriff John Halferty, two machines were damaged at the Newton site — one was smoldering and the other was still ablaze when firefighters and deputies arrived on scene. The damaged pieces of equipment were identified as a bulldozer and a track hoe.

Deputies in Jasper County are also investigating a second fire on Salmon Street about 2.5 miles southeast of Reasnor.

The Newton Daily News confirmed a third report of suspected arson in Mahaska County over the weekend involving equipment on the DAPL route about 8.5 miles north of Oskaloosa.

“We believe it’s an obvious, intentionally set fire. It wasn’t like the equipment overheated,” Halferty said at the scene near Newton.

 As of Monday morning, investigators did not have any suspects in the case. Halferty said the fires could have been set by a single person, but law enforcement is not ruling out the possibility of multiple suspects.

Construction began on the crude oil pipeline in Jasper County last week. Halferty said the fires are the first local reports of vandalism related to the project.

According to investigators, the combined estimated damage at the Newton and Reasnor construction sites is approximately $1 million. Damage was located in the bulldozer and track hoes’ engine and cab compartments. Halferty said the machinery is likely a total loss.

The equipment is owned by Huston-based subcontractor Pe Ben U.S.A. and Precision Pipeline of Eau Claire, Wis. is running the Jasper County job sites.

A representative from Precision Pipeline declined to comment Monday, but work site superintendents told the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department the fires would set construction back about one day. Precision has experienced minor cases of vandalism on other project sites but has never had equipment set on fire in Iowa.

Halferty said the state fire marshal and Iowa DCI have also been notified of the incidents. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and the Newton Fire Marshal are leading the investigations near Newton and Reasnor.

Law enforcement is working the case on minimal evidence, Halferty said, and the sheriff’s office is asking for the public’s assistance in the case.

“We want to rely on the public. If they notice anything call it in,” he said. “We’d encourage them to call in something that may or may not be suspicious. If we don’t know about it, it’s hard to follow up on.”

Scott Miller, a deputy at the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office, said Monday four pieces of heavy equipment were found burned on the pipeline route at 175th Street and Kent Avenue between Oskaloosa and New Sharon. Investigators believe the fire was set early Sunday morning.

The New Sharon Fire Department were the first to respond to the scene. Miller said the fire happened early Sunday morning and investigators for the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office also had no suspects as of Monday.

The $3.8 million, 1,164-mile DAPL project is under construction in four U.S. states. When completed it will transport a maximum 540,000 barrels of crude oil per day from the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota to a hub in Patoka, Ill.

Approximately 343 miles of pipe will be laid underground in 18 counties Iowa counties. Dakota Access, LLC — a subsidiary of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners — expects to be complete with construction and have the pipeline in operation by the end of 2016.


Crust of the Earth Vol. 2 – Benefit Show

Benefit show for Hudson Valley Earth First! and that eco-defense stuff we do. We got bands, pizza, beer and great people as always!


Cell 63 (awesome shit)
Exit 17 (new paltz)
Plastic (first Show/ex members of Praxis, Selfbeater and Psychwar)

Come through and support the fight!

My Place Pizza – 322 Main Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Tree stumps blocking delivery of steam generators to CPV site in Wawayanda

A crane helps offload a shipment of "heat recovery steam generators" from a barge at Steelways, Inc. on Water Street in the City of Newburgh on Friday.|

A crane helps offload a shipment of “heat recovery steam generators” from a barge at Steelways, Inc. on Water Street in the City of Newburgh on Friday. The shipment, bound for the CPV site in Wawayanda, is still there, blocked by a pair of tree stumps and bureaucracy. Allyse Pulliam/For the Times Herald-Record James Nani

  • Times Herald-Record

    Posted Jul. 22, 2016 at 8:42 PM
    Updated Jul 22, 2016 at 11:58 PM

    CITY OF NEWBURGH Two humble tree stumps are blocking the path of a load of multi-ton steam generators destined for the $900 million power plant under construction in the Town of Wawayanda.

    On Friday, a large yellow crane helped to offload a shipment of “heat recovery steam generators” from a barge at Steelways, Inc. on Water Street in the City of Newburgh.

    The crane placed the massive load onto a carrier about 90 feet long with 18 rows of wheels.

    But the trip from the shores of the Hudson River to Competitive Power Ventures’ Valley Energy Center’s construction site in Wawayanda hit a snag … or a stump.

    David Plotkin, president of Steelways, Inc., said workers are ready to move the shipment, but they first need permission from the City of Newburgh to cross Water Street.

    Plotkin said in order to move the generators, they need to back the truck into a lot Steelways owns across the street from the dock. Plotkin said the lot had been fallow for some time and two trees had grow there.

    They cut the trees down, but Plotkin said the city engineer stopped them this week from buzz-sawing the stumps down to ground height, telling them they need a new site plan approval to remove the stumps and safely haul the generators away. With the stumps still there, the truck can’t back out and leave, Plotkin said.

    Plotkin said City Manager Michael Ciaravino has been working hard with Steelways to resolve the issue so that it won’t linger until the next City Council meeting. But he needs to get permission from the city’s engineer, fire and police departments and building inspector first.

    “The city manager has been cooperative,” Plotkin said. “We’re caught up in the city’s bureaucracy.”

    Several calls to the city engineer and city manager Friday were not returned in time for publication.

    Danny Cain, a safety and risk manager with Edwards Moving and Rigging, said his company is in charge of shipping 20 of the massive generators and two steam drums to Wawayanda. Each generator weighs between 113,000 and 230,000 pounds.

    “They must be delivered in a sequential order to the plant due to the fact that they will be aligned and connected to each other once they arrive,” Cain said.

    CPV’s 650-megawatt, natural gas-fired power plant is expected to begin operation in February 2018. CPV’s environmental impact statement for the plant says each steam generator will take in exhaust heat from two combustion turbines to produce steam that will drive a steam turbine.

    But until the city gives the go-ahead on a new site plan, the generators aren’t going anywhere, Plotkin says.

    “We’re waiting for permission to cross Water Street,” Plotkin said. “We’d like to have one truck moved by Saturday morning.”


Over Ten Years to Talk About: Eric McDavid’s Speaking Tour of New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania


from Sacramento Prisoner Support

Eric McDavid, a former Anarchist prisoner will be talking about ten plus years of experiences including federal prison time, the post release period and moving forward as well. The importance of supporting political prisoners will be brought up along with so much more. If you are in the area of any one of the locations listed at the bottom, please come, check it out and tell a friend!

Starting back in early 2006, from the first one of his co-defendants who took a cooperation deal and agreed to testify against Eric at trial to the second of his two co-defendants taking that same deal about 6 months later Eric began a long road as an anarchist prisoner. Being charged with” conspiracy to damage and destroy property by fire and explosive” and utilizing an entrapment defense it certainly doesn’t make things any easier if your co-defendants agree to testify against you.

Well, after twenty-eight months in “total separation,” a form of isolation at the Sacramento County Jail, he was convicted once the trial was over.  Subsequently Eric was sentenced to an outrageous 19 years and 7 monthsdue to a Terrorism enhancement, and shortly after taken into the custody of the Federal Bureau of prisons. He was then sent to a medium security federal prison called FCI Victorville, where he ended up spending the majority of the sentence and then moved to a low security prison in San Pedro, CA.  It wasn’t until Sacramento Prisoner Supportfound out through multiple FOIA requests there was sufficient documentation of withholding evidence at trial that after a habeas petition was filed the new prosecutor which was assigned to Eric’s case made an offer to Eric’s attorneys that could bring him home.  If Eric would agree to a single felony charge of general conspiracy that carried a max of 5 years, and the district judge would sign off on it, he would be released with time served and have a max of 2 years probation.

After a very tumultuous transport from the low security prison, Eric returned to the Sacramento County Jail for the court appearance.  Well, after an anxiety filled court appearance on the afternoon of January 8th, 2015 and quite a few hours later, Eric McDavid walked out of the doors of the federal building at 5th and I streets in street clothes with a big smile on his face and ready to get into the back seat of his parent’s car in search of a little peace.

Now it’s been over a year and a half from that very day and Eric has a lot to share. Those nine years he endured from arrest, to the day the appeal went before the judge and he walked out and started the 2 years of supervised release. A probation that was terminated back at the ¾’s mark on May 8th of this year. Then there’s all that he has experienced since being released from federal prison and now being done with the probation as well. He has worked towards being a yoga instructor and last October was one of the many former political prisoners who helped encourage a committee to be formed within the National Lawyers Guild to focus on the issues Political Prisoners do face. There’s so much more, but we’ll let him tell you all about it.

Please check it out if you can and definitely spread the word about Eric McDavid’s New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania speaking tour.

To learn more about Eric’s case, please visit: http://supporteric.org/

The Tour:

7pm, Thursday, 08-11-2016
Burning Books
420 Connecticut Street, Buffalo, NY

6pm, Friday, 08-12-2016
Stone Soup
4 King Street, Worcester, MA

7pm, Saturday, 08-13-2016
The Base
1302 Mertyle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

7pm, Monday, 08-15-2016
Wooden Shoe Books
704 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

7pm, Tuesday, 08-16-2016
Big Idea Books
4812 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Eric McDavid is an environmental activist who was entrapped by an FBI informant and charged with a single count of conspiracy to use fire or explosives to damage corporate and government property. The conspiracy charge is, quite literally, a thought-crime – no actions were ever carried out by Eric or any of his alleged co-conspirators.

After serving 10 years for a wrongful conviction, Eric was set free due to the government’s withholding of key evidence about how had been entrapped by the FBI.

More info on his case: